SpecNav Health Risk Prevention

Many patients are not actively involved in their own medical care, as they engage the, highly complex/siloed, healthcare system. As a result, they have higher healthcare costs, pick more expensive treatment options, they are not thoughtful about what's really important, tend to have more readmissions to the hospital and are more likely to experience a medical error that could result in harm or death. Patient caregivers/helpers frequently have to choose between caring for the patient and preventing relationship, financial and/or health damage to themselves.

Through our, innovative, SpecNav patient care navigation services, we employ health care informatics, clinical and business management consulting solutions in a manner which prevent and reduce health care risks and permit patients to more effectively, and safely, navigate the siloed healthcare system, across the entire healthcare continuum.  Our primary focus is on patient care safety, quality, efficiency and cost through, ahead-of-the-curve, health risk prevention and reduction.

Our navigation services also provide that, much-needed, relief for those caregivers by leading the health management effort in a manner that enhances the quality of care received by the patient, while relieving the burden on the caregiver and creating peace-of-mind for everyone involved.


Healthcare Process Improvement

For healthcare organizations, we provide process improvement services which enable health care organizations, both medical practices and hospitals, to more effectively meet the new governmental regulations regarding patient safety, cost reduction, data management and security and portability. Issues regarding practice workflow, electronic health records, billing, insurance, patient re-admission rates, document management, and collections are addressed. We also help to minimize interruptions to workflow, ensure utilization/adoption, and leverage full value of the information that can be derived from your various data sources. The primary benefits of our services are improvements in patient outcome, reduction of costs, and lowering of re-admission rates.

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