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Health Risk Prevention


Through our, innovative, SpecNav Nav care navigation services, we perform the deep-dive required to better assure health risk prevention, while obtaining, intensive, real-world data which will better inform patient engagement enhancement, cost reduction, access improvement, equity assurance, outcome quality and population health management initiatives.

Our independent, patient-facing, care navigation engagements ensure the equity, cost-effectiveness and quality of healthcare services provided. We facilitate effective communication, patient-provider engagement, proper medical record documentation and patient compliance with medical treatment plans.


Keeping the patient engaged amid a chaotic scheduling, clinical and financial environment is indeed a challenge. While clinician interaction is a major part of the experience, it is the non-clinical touch points that creates the greatest opportunities for harm, during the engagements. We are not clinicians, therefore, we do not provide clinical services, of any type, to our clients. On no occasion, do we attempt to interfere with or supplant the clinical services provided by the providers.


We enable our clients to safely and effectively navigate the complex/siloed healthcare system in a manner that would improve their experience in healthcare and ensure quality outcomes.

Healthcare Process Improvement

At ComPrises Consulting, we identify opportunities and recommend innovative corrective actions to be taken to stabilize and accelerate the growth of your medical organization. You are not left, at that point. We offer decision support in the selection of EMR/EHR and providers (vendors) and coordinate the installation and implementation of selected solutions to ensure optimal return on your investments (ROI). We remain with you every step of the way.


During the engagement, we help you combine the right mix of professional expertise, fiscal resources, process improvement, quality improvement and industry-leading technology to advance your organization, in real time.


We are your trusted advisors. Since we do not sell any of the solutions that we might recommend, our recommendations and ROI projections are [truly] objective and our goal is to identify the most efficient and cost-effective  solutions (‘fixes’) to your medical practice problems.


In most cases, the price negotiation assistance we provide results in savings that substantially offset, or exceed, the dollar investment you make in utilizing our services to increase revenue and profit in your business.


We make it possible for your medical practice to avoid the high fees and hourly rates charged by our competitors. The highly-competitive flat fee you pay for our services provides an affordable avenue for you to address the financial and managerial challenges you face in your practice.


The increased revenue and profit that result from the services we provide serve to leverage and defray/offset costs of investments made in other areas of the business.


We are here to assist you in ways that represent true benefits to both you and your medical organization.

















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