Healthcare Informatics Services


As medical practice workflow and information redesign specialists (healthcare informaticians), we provide cost-effective consultative knowledge and services leading to improvements in processes, workflow, information management and technology for your healthcare organization (medical practice, hospital or clinic).


Challenges to the acquisition of and transition to EMR/EHR solutions include the complexity of the decision making and the difficulty in project management and selection of vendors and products. When selecting an electronic system, healthcare organizations must evaluate the system, and the technology vendor, independently and systematically, and not rely solely on the vendor’s interpretation of system functionality.  We assist practice personnel with the identification of the most cost-effective and efficient EMR/EHR solutions and those that mesh well with practice workflow. We also help to minimize interruptions to workflow, ensure utilization/adoption, and leverage full value of the information that can be derived from your various data sources.


Process and workflow improvement should be performed in advance of EMR/EHR implementation because,

as the EMR/EHR system is implemented, the workflow and information management model is also imple-

mented. It takes efficient practice workflow and a well done implementation to achieve the desired efficiency

and optimal return on investment (ROI) in EMR/EHR solutions. We perform the clinical and business process-

es inventory,analysis and redesign required in identifying and resolving issues relating to performance and

efficiency and assist practice personnel with implementation of the revised workflow and information manage-

ment model. This leads to greater control over operations.


Additionally, the knowledge and services we provide enable healthcare organizations to more cost-effectively and expeditiously achieve meaningful use of EMR/EHR solutions, in a manner that satisfies the government mandate regarding patient safety, cost reduction, data management and security, and portability and, thereby, qualify for federal reimbursements on investments in electronic solutions.


Should your healthcare organization experience dissatisfaction with an existing EMR/EHR solution, we determine the cause and identify the most efficient and cost-effective solution/vendor replacement. We, then, provide the assistance required to ensure efficient implementation of the workflow and information model, during the implementation of the new technology solutions. At ComPrises, we provide that much-needed staffing support and approach system selection from the perspective of the regulatory and operational impact which will, no doubt, prove invaluable in its future use to both your organization and the individuals whose information it contains.


The primary benefits of our services are improvements in patient outcome and lowering of re-admission rates.  

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