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Disengaged patients, or patients not actively involved in their own medical care, are more than twice as likely to experience a medical error that could result in harm or death. Engaged patients are less likely to experience a medical error, pick less expensive treatment options, are more thoughtful about what's really important, and tend to have fewer re-admissions to the hospital.  


Some medical errors that can cause harm or death include: 

  • An estimated 400,000 people die due to preventable medical errors 

  • Over 100 thousand deaths from hospital acquired infections                                     

  • 50-100 thousand deaths from diagnostic errors 

  • 1-5 tests repeated due to unavailability of results from previous tests 

  • 1 out of every 5 diagnoses are incorrect 

  • Missing information or having the wrong information can lead to deadly consequences 

  • Prescription drugs have killed more people than car accidents

Doctors figure out what is wrong, but you drive your own health. Unfortunately, even the best-informed patient can find the healthcare system to be overwhelming. Through our SpecNav patient navigation services, we enable you to, safely and effectively, access and navigate the complex/siloed healthcare system in a manner that would improve your experience and ensure quality health outcomes. We strengthen your voice in the care of your health.


Patient caregivers/partners frequently have to choose between caring for the patient and preventing relationship, financial and/or health damage to themselves. Our innovative health risk prevention services provide that, much-needed, relief for those caregivers by leading the health management effort in a manner that enhances the quality of care received by the patient, while relieving the burden on the caregiver and creating peace-of-mind for everyone involved.


At ComPrises Consulting, we get involved before the red flags appear - providing proactive/preventive patient healthcare engagement support. If you have a health concern, we help you manage your health, improve your lifestyle, obtain information regarding medications and care for health conditions, improve communication, better understand your treatment options, and we ensure thorough physician consultation and medical record documentation.

We go with you on your doctor visits.









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