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Who we are:

ComPrises Consulting, LLC is an independent health care informatics and, innovative, care navigation consultancy, located in Charlotte, NC.   

Our Mission Statement

To assist health care organizations in their efforts to achieve improvements in patient safety, quality of care and operational efficiency, and to enable healthcare patients to avoid preventable health risks, across the entire healthcare continuum.

Our Cause

We aim to improve lives by preserving dreams of health care organizational success and personal health, while strengthening the U.S. healthcare system.


ComPrises Consulting has a proven track record of identifying innovative healthcare risk prevention and process improvement solutions that work well, and receive real patient and healthcare institution value and payoff over a relatively short period of time.

At ComPrises Consulting, we are aware that merely implementing and maintaining the software applications and the hardware infrastructure is not where you obtain optimal efficiency and productivity. Optimizing (enhancing) processes, people and technology is what drives the results you want. We approach all client engagements with this in mind.


Available industry statistics reveals that business and healthcare organizations realize a savings of approximately 1/3 the cost of project costs, when they outsource the type of services we offer, compared with the costs of handling those projects in-house.


We are #1 in health risk prevention and healthcare organization improvement strategies.


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